S2 Club News + Draft Day! (Tuesday, May 14th)

Hello, S2 Players!


It's been an awesome MAY in the club!


Thank you for supporting our events and open plays! Speaking of Open Play- Just a reminder that Open Play on Sunday and Monday is 20% off! AND if you bring your friends and it's their first time, it's on us! Mention FREE PLAY MAY at the front desk to get their pickleball free!


AND the event you've been hearing about..... our TEAM LEAGUE DRAFT DAY is happening THIS THURSDAY! (May 16th!)

Come play like the pros! Team League format with a cash prize ($1,200) for the winning team! Tryouts for the 4.5+ league on May 16, 2024, 6-9 pm. $5 registration fee for the tryout round robin. Team captains will be observing and jumping in a few games to help pick their teams. DUPR scores must be at 4.0 or higher to register. If you would like an exception, please email support@s2pickleball.com and we will get you registered for the tryout.  

We have Team League format available for 3.5 and 4.0 levels as well! Those team captains will be reaching out individually to complete their teams. If you are interested in playing in those leagues, please complete the form here:


(Responses on this form will be shared with Team Captains for those divisions.)


Spend the Summer with S2! (Leagues & Kids Camps)

Leagues will start again the first week of June (June 3rd). This second round of leagues will be a ladder format. You will play with the same group on one court each week. The two players with the most points will move up one court the next week. The two players with the lowest points will move down one court the next week. Sign ups will be open for each skill level. Please register for the division closest to your skill level. DUPR ratings are not required, but recommended. NO PARTNER NEEDED! If you are unable to play one week, you will need to find a sub that is close to your skill level. We have some great messaging options to help you find a sub, our GroupMe messages or Facebook members group page. Sign up quickly! Spots are limited for each division!


Register here:


Join our GroupMe here:

S2 Group Me



Our Camp Sessions each offer 9 hours of instruction and play spread over 3 days! Every moment is crafted to boost your child's confidence on the court! As a bonus, your new pickleballer will get an S2 Swag bag and a trendy T-shirt to showcase their newfound skills! Don't miss out – spaces are limited. Secure your child's spot now for an excellent summer experience!



Thank you for playing with us! We appreciate it more than you know.


S2 Pickleball | Federal Way, Boise, ID
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