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Diadem A52

Diadem A52

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With the A52, you're getting an exceptional paddle and a complete game-changer at an affordable price.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your pickleball journey, the A52 offers power, precision, and style that you won't find in any other paddle at this price. Made in the imagine of our Iconic Icon v1, this carbon fiber paddle allows any player to access easy power and spin at under $100.

The dark and edgy design of the A52 reflects the power it packs. When you step onto the court with the A52 in hand, you're more than just a player – you're a competitor.

The A52's PU paint, developed with performance qualities similar to the iconic Icon v1, will have you spinning the ball like a pro. Whether it's putting a wicked spin on your serve or returning an opponent's shot with finesse, the A52's spin capabilities are comparable with other top spin paddles on the market.

The A52's edgeless frame is both a design choice and a practical one. Its lightweight construction and sleek design will lead to easier maneuverability. Flick quicker, react earlier, win more!

USAP Approved

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