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Diadem RUSH Paddle

Diadem RUSH Paddle

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Welcome to the vibrant world of pickleball, where your game is about to reach unprecedented heights with the Diadem RUSH Pickleball Paddle. More than just equipment, it's a game-changer meticulously crafted to transform your pickleball experience.

The RUSH Paddle is not merely an accessory; it's a lifestyle choice tailored for pickleball enthusiasts who value both the game and style. With its stunning design and innovative features, this paddle is set to make waves in the pickleball world.

Measuring 16.4 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 16mm in thickness, this paddle strikes the perfect balance between power and comfort. Weighing 7.9 ounces with a 4 1/8-inch grip size, it ensures versatility for players of all levels.

What sets the RUSH Paddle apart is its innovative design, featuring a rough fiberglass texture on the surface. This special texture not only adds a touch of style but also significantly enhances the paddle's performance. It provides a solid grip on the ball, amplifying your control and power during shots. Coupled with its 5.4-inch handle, the RUSH Paddle offers outstanding maneuverability, catering to players from beginners to professionals.

But it's not just about looks. The RUSH Paddle is meticulously engineered for top-tier performance. It strikes the perfect balance between comfort and power, whether you're dominating the court or engaging in a friendly match with friends.

The RUSH Paddle allows you to make a statement on the court. Choose Ocean (blue) for a splash of excitement, Sunset (orange) for warmth, Marine (teal) for adventure, or Play in Pink to show your support. Dive into the world of pickleball with a RUSH and elevate your game to new heights. Unleash your inner pickleball champion and add a RUSH of color to your game. Experience the magic of pickleball like never before with the Diadem RUSH Pickleball Paddle! 


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